May 2015

Seems like there is never enough time to get everything done.  Finally working to update this website with new and old artwork images.  It's amazing how much work I have actually done - although it's been five years in the making.  I think I could make more but sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn't.

Tonight is an opening for a show in my studio with another wonderful assemblage artist.  It was fun hanging our pieces together - creating an entirely new perspective.  I tend to get tired of my pieces so quickly.

September 4

I am lucky to have friends who bring me treasures. 

Since I rely on found objects for my artwork, I rely on people to bring me wonderful ancient and rusty objects to add to my pieces.   

I recently created a bee hive from large architectural tubes from a retiring architect friend.  I love receiving old old books in lovely tattered conditions from a librarian friend.

I frequently am gifted odd items from another mixed media artist who found they wouldn't work in her art.  That is a lovely perk of being in a community of artists...  sharing thoughts, ideas and objects.

Objects are left outside my studio door like forgotten children looking for a new home. 

Today a friend asked me...I have 100 45 rpm records - would you like them? 

Hmmmm.... now the creative process begins. 


August 27, 2013

In my studio last night I began to take apart old books.  One was a bible with a clasp from 1897.  I think it is in Norwegian.  I like to think about the life of the book.  Who was the owner?  (A man I think.  With a long white beard and wire framed glasses.)  I can see him holding the bible on his way to church on Sunday mornings.  His hands are old and harsh from working the farm.  He clutches the bible - the only book he owns.

This is how I begin my artwork - if I can see the story of an object, it then begins to evolve into a framework for a new piece.