Cat has a BA in Education and an MPA in Nonprofit Administration.  She has been a working artist for over 12 years.  Her passions are found object art and teaching.  Her artwork can be seen in her Studio #6 312 South A Street, Santa Rosa, CA. and in LocalsCreate in Geyserville, CA.  She is also a Sonoma County Art Trails Artist. In addition to being a working artist and teacher she is the Creative Director at LocalsCreate in Geyserville, CA where she seeks out other talented art teachers to share their knowledge and expertise by providing art and craft classes.  Check it out,

Artist Statement

The artistic impulse of Cat Kaufman portrays the push and pull between narrative concepts, found objects and restricted abstract surfaces. She uses everyday artifacts to comment on the ironic nature of the human condition and to elicit an emotional response to the piece.

Objects are the constant.  Their manipulation into assemblage or sculptural impressions creates the narrative. Interplay of materials, textures and surfaces convey emotion as well as objects. Metal is strength, yet rust is vulnerable.  Wood is both nature and manufacture.  Plastic is abhorrence and reminiscence.  The surface treatment, placement and relationships between items determine the emotional response.

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